2021 / Payment at the Restaurant

Tinkoff Bank


A company of friends visited a restaurant. One of the friends paid the check.

The task is to develop an interface for splitting the purchase amount between friends with the option of displaying the purchase list from the common check.


Primarily, in order to develop an idea and custom scenario when splitting a check - it is necessary to review the current solutions that Tinkoff or other fintech products can provide.

At the moment, transactions with Tinkoff Black can be shared with friends. This can be done both with the bank's app and other apps.

This is a solution that is already in the product - you can use it to solve our task.

Purchase List

After the payment of the common check, Tinkoff provides an opportunity to view the list of items (purchases).


To change/refine the current interface for splitting a check in a restaurant. It is necessary to separate the list of purchases, so that each of the account participants could make a purchase.


1. The User who paid the entire check adds all the participants from whom the request for a refund will be made.

2. The User notes the list of his/her and others' positions in the check using checkboxes. These items can be divided between several members of a common check.

3. The User verifies that the specified data is correct. It is possible to change the set of items for each of the participants.

4. The User sends a refund request. Tinkoff users receive a Push notification from the application for the instant transaction. Third-party users of other banks receive SMS message with reference to payment in webview form.

With the help of Apple Pay - a transaction is instantly carried out from another bank.