2019 – Currently / Product for Employes

Dispatcher Service


Application processing service for residents of the management company PIK-Comfort. A dispatcher-service system is used to distribute applications, and our team has developed a special application to process them.

I joined the company in early 2019 and from that moment I have influenced the change in key design processes and I have completely revised the product.


In order to determine the growth vector of the direction of the system, you need to understand what business metrics the product affects.

I immersed myself in communication with business and stakeholders, I have conducted interviews with end users and business customers in order to identify points that I can influence through design and processes related to it.

– number of tickets in the system
– % completed tickets
– % returned tickets
– % pending tickets
– % overdue tickets

Product Metrics

After analyzing the key business needs, I formed a list of final product metrics.

Together with the team, we have formed a table with a list of key metrics and monitored their change over time and the implementation of new figures.

Mobile App

Simultaneously with the mobile development team, we began designing and developing an application for the operation service on iOS and Android platforms.

At the moment, we only support the Android version; there are only design artifacts that remained from the iOS version.

Structure Mindmap

Based on the data received, the team rethought the structure of the dispatcher-service, protecting it before the business.

Design System

After a strategic solution - rethinking the user interface, I began to form my own system design for operating the company.

Having come to terms with the developer, we assembled a basic set of components.

DDS @ Figma


One of the biggest tasks in the framework of rethinking the design was the product navigation.

I prepared a design concept, held a review with colleagues from other teams and made a presentation for business and stakeholders.

Advanced Search

At the end of 2020, I conducted a quantitative research, according to which it became clear what needs to be finalized in the product.

Such functionality was an expanded search for apartments, objects of operation, as well as various parameters.

At the moment, we are actively testing the work concept with such a search with our audience.

You can see the concept and structure of the new search in Miro and layout design in Figma


Within the application, a new Job entity has been added, which directly affects the interaction of the User with the list of applications on which he or she is working.

With the help of this functionality - we were able to separate the work in the application for understandable artifacts, added the opportunity for several specialists to take the application to work, and we helped a business to digitize the cost of applications.

Currently, self-employed are also involved in the work of our application, as well as external users who help the business close the KPI.

Customer Development

In order to test the new functionality in the product, I have conducted a large number of interviews, both problematic and decisive, as well as remote tests.

In order to reduce the time spent testing mass users, I used remote tools such as UXCrowd.

An example of one of the studies can be seen here.

Product Design Lead

As part of my work in the company, I have been promoted and I was able to try myself in a new role. I began to build the design process in the team and became a full-fledged leader.

Together with colleagues, we validated the current tasks and came to the result, checking solutions in practice.